Les Bidrawn

Les has an absolutely HUGE collection of Warbirds, especially Spitfires
(we have lost count of these). Les is the editor of, and a photographer
for European Car Magazine, and has the sweetest photo equipment
you have ever seen. He is starting to bring his cameras out to the field,
so we should be getting better pix, but it takes a ton of reduction
to bring the photos down to web size. Les is a riot! He seems to
have all of the most obscure terms in the urban dictionary memorized! 
(I had NO idea what an "Angry Pirate" was...)



Les was kind enough to build this P40 Warhawk for me when my wrist was still too sore to build. We took it to the field to try it out... and got a little surprise!




To protect one of his planes from the sun, Les found an old pair of shorts on the High School field.  This thing is so rancid and scummy, it looks as if it were used as a filter for a San Francisco Hot Tub.  The rest of us are afraid to touch it.


Beside antics like launching rockets from his Corsair, Les created a hatch on his B-25 to drop paratroopers.  We quickly stole his plane to label the release door: "Poop Hatch"

Of course, once named, Les just could not keep his fingers out of it......  (go figure!)


But it worked perfectly!   One parachutist got caught in a thermal, and stayed in the air about 7 minutes
(we thought it was never going to come down!)

I have no comment about the picture below.


The popular thought that EDF jets take long runways, require mighty hand-launches, or bungee launchers is dispelled by this takeoff. Les' EDF jet just slides along the grass until it takes off.


We discover what has been going on with Les, as the truth emerges ...


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