The word on the forums is that the blades from OF Helitechnik in Germany are the smoothest flying blades around.  I ordered a matched set of 5 from, and after a few weeks (they got held up in customs, who probably thought they were Samurai Swords) they arrived.  They are 800mm Semi Symmetrical blades with a 14mm root, and 5mm bolt holes, so they were a custom job as well.

Semi-symmetrical blades are airfoil shaped.  Unlike most RC Helicopter blades, which are symmetrical (same on both sides) to allow inverted flight.  Semi symmetrical blades provide more lift per blade.

The first job was to fill in the pinholes, voids, etc that were in the blades.  On the plus side, they were balanced to .1 grams (that is .03% or 3 hundredth's of one percent variance, pretty darned good). On the minus side, they came with blemishes and voids that you would never see in a Curtis-Youngblood or Align blade. 

I built a spray jig, and Bryan came over to lay on the base white coat.  I wanted them to be as evenly applied as possible over the 5 blades, and hell, he does this professionally!. 

I masked and sprayed on the black pattern, as well as the yellow tips.  after those dried, I applied the dry transfer lettering, and Bryan came back and applied the clear coat.

After they dried, we wet sanded them with 1000, 1500 and 300 grit, then buffed them to perfection!  These really look nice.