Doors & Prep

The front doors get mounted with Vario hinges.  Rather than just glue them on, I wanted them to be strong, so I used screws from the Align 450 heli, grinding them off where they protrude out the back.

More sanding, and a little more putty here and there.  For the larger voids, Evercoat Metal glaze, a 2-part system is the best, but for the smaller pinholes Squadron Green putty is certainly handier!

You can see below, the neodymium magnets being installed in the frame with Evercoat and epoxy.  There are matching magnets in the doors, making them open and close perfectly.  These magnets are so strong, it is difficult to separate them to use, and if they get within 6 inches of each other..... snap!  I have a few shattered magnets from this mistake.  KJ Magnetics sells these N-52 grade magnets with a warning, as the larger ones can break fingers if they get loose! 

The slides for the large rear doors (only the bottom one is visible above) were fashioned by simply taking 1/8 x 1/4 rectangular brass tubing, and cutting the slide opening channel on my wonderful table saw from Byrnes Model Machines.  (See the links section for more on this)